Cubs Centenary Birthday Party 15 June 2016


We had an amazing party with over 250 Cubs / Leaders and specially invited guests.

It started in the usual way for Cub Scouting events with a huge Grand Howl and Flag break.

Paul Root – Assistant County Commissioner Cub Section presented a prize to Joseph from Weymouth East Cub Pack.

Joseph was the County winner of a competition to design a County Cub Centenary Badge, to be worn by all Cubs and their Leaders, in the County this year.

We had nine separate birthday cakes, with a photograph of each Pack printed on each of them.

Pat Lea, our most senior ex- Cub Leader at the Party who enjoyed many years of Cub Scouting with St. Augustine’s Pack, was invited to cut the cake, with Cubs from each Pack to help.

Specially invited guests included the Mayor of Wey & Portland Richard Kosior and his wife Anita. Also the Mayor of Chickerell Mike Jolliffe and Escort Lyn Wise, along with ex- Cub Leaders with many years of Cub Scouting service between them, reminiscing and sharing their memories.

Cubs enjoyed activities ranging from a Nature Trail around the gardens, Bouncy Castle, Crafts, Ballista Making, Collages, Badge Making and Games. District Leaders provided a very welcome Barbecue enjoyed by us all.

The evening ended with Flag down and we all went home with a piece of Birthday Cake and happy memories of our Centenary Birthday Party. This was a once in a lifetime event for everyone, who attended.